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Helping you prepare for baby

 A New Parent Consultant is able to assist with preparations for bringing a new baby home and helping overcome any obstacles once you are a parent.  We are by your side throughout your journey to help you prepare and transition as stress-free as possible.


Before baby arrives, we can help with

  • Discussing physician options (OBGYN, midwives), labor assistance (doulas), and delivery hospital based on you childbirth preferences

  • Staying healthy - what to eat (and avoid eating), exercise regimen, yoga, chiropractor, massages, activities to avoid, etc.

  • Reviewing delivery options and creating a birth plan; skin to skin, bath, delayed clamping, circumcision, cord blood banking, medications/vaccinations, placenta encapsulation, pacifier, bottle, and more

  • Recommend childbirth preparation resources: Books, classes, and resources based on the childbirth experience you desire

  • Preparing for home: Navigate products necessary and helpful for new parents & baby

  • Preparing your body: Exercises, food, vitamins, and other essentials to prepare for labor and delivery

  • Preparing for the hospital: What to expect from your stay and packing properly

  • Educating: Preparing for after birth, postpartum resources to help adjust to life with baby; postpartum doula, postpartum depression, sleep training, childcare, classes and resources for parents and babies

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