Lauren Hise

Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

As a mother of two in the baby industry for over 20 years, I have learned so much about the intricacies of being pregnant, transitioning into parenthood, and caring for young children.  It is my life's passion and purpose to help other new parents navigate these transitions as smooth as possible.

As my career has evolved, it's always been centered around helping parents with their children in some capacity.  I was a professional nanny for many years, owned a domestic service agency, recently completed a journey as a surrogate mother, have been a children's boutique owner for over  decade, and am a certified car seat technician and a certified postpartum & infant care doula. 

After being a nanny for so long, I thought I knew everything about child rearing.  But once I became a mother myself, I realized there was still so much I didn't know.  Having a less than ideal labor and birth of my first child, I became more informed about the birthing industry and it's flaws.  I am dedicated to helping other parents become more informed to make better decisions about your body and your birth, and go into labor with the confidence needed to achieve the best outcome possible. 

Like many new mothers, I focused a lot on my ideal delivery without planning much for the next stage, my own recovery and the long road of parenting ahead of me.   The importance of the postpartum period and taking care of myself did not even occur to me when planning to welcome my first child.  A woman's mind and body needs time to heal after such a momentous occasion, but we often aren't granted the opportunity because of the many expectations and obligations that await.  Taking time to heal yourself and bond with your baby is the best way to begin parenthood and set the groundwork for becoming the parent you want to be.  I can only imagine what my first birth and postpartum experience would have been like if I had the resources and knowledge I have now.  It is my passion and purpose to share all I have learned and experienced with you to instill the confidence needed to enjoy parenthood in every way imaginable.