Your journey is one of a kind

Before Birth

New Parent Consultant


Choosing a physician

Discuss delivery options

Prepare birth plan

Hospital arrangements



What to eat & avoid

Activity & exercise

Preparing body for delivery


Partner guidance

Resources & referrals

Shopping assistance

Registry guidance


Packing hospital bag

Preparing nursery

 Accommodations for mom

Childcare, visitors & meals

Giving Birth

Labor Doula

A birth doula is an excellent source of physical and emotional support while you're laboring and delivering your child.  She will be your advocate while helping you pull through the unknown world of labor and delivery.

We partner with some of the best labor doulas in Atlanta to offer you full-service birthing guidance and support all throughout your journey.

***If you are a Labor Doula interested in partnering with us, please send an email or submit an inquiry on our Contact page.***

After Birth

Postpartum & Infant Care Doula


Newborn care & hygiene

Soothing & sleeping

Breast & bottle feeding

Comfort & communication

Routine & troubleshooting


Physical care & comfort

Emotional support

Recovery & relaxation

Guidance & resources

Trusted referrals


Partner guidance

Sibling childcare

Family & visitor coordination

Product & service guidance

Attend appointments


Settling in & acclimation

Meal preparation

Light housekeeping

Organization & errands

Planning & forecasting