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Support Packages

Support needs vary with each family.  We are here for you day or night.  

We will get to know your family and discuss your needs on a discovery call

so you will have a better idea of how many hours you'd like to start with.

Postpartum support (day and night) is offered at $45/hour with a 2 day/night minimum.

  • Relax

    30 hours
    • Amazing gift for the new parents!
  • Rest

    60 hours
    • Great starter package!
  • Replenish

    90 hours
    • 1 night FREE! ($350 savings)
  • Refresh

    160 Hours
    • 2 nights FREE! ($720 savings)
  • Rejuvenate

    220 hours
    • 3 nights free! ($1,100 savings)

Custom packages available and can be discussed at initial consultation. 


*Add $10/hr for twins

Contact us today to schedule a call to discuss how we can support you and how many hours you may want based on your needs and desires.

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