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Support Packages

We understand needs vary with each family.  We support families postpartum during the day and/or overnight.  

We will get to know your family and discuss your needs and desires. During your free consultation we will discuss how we can support you so you can create a schedule that suites your family's needs.

Prenatal, postpartum, and overnight support is $50/hour ($60 for twins), and discounts are offered for packages over 90 hours (see below).

  • Relax

    30 hours
    • Amazing gift for the new parents!
  • Rest

    60 hours
    • Great starter package!
  • Replenish

    90 hours
    • SAVE $90
  • Refresh

    160 Hours
    • SAVE $320
  • Rejuvenate

    240 hours
    • SAVE $720
  • Restore

    320 hours
    • SAVE $1280

Purchasing a specific package is not necessary.  You're welcome to purchase as many hours as you'd like (30 hour minimum to start). 

Overnight shifts are 8+ hours, daytime shifts are 5+ hours.

Contact us today to schedule a call to discuss how we can support you and how many hours you may want based on your needs and desires.

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