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Nanny Placement

Finding a childcare provider you love can be a difficult task.  Once your baby graduates from the newborn stage, you'll likely be seeking some form of childcare so you can go back to work or have some time to get everything else done each week.  

A nanny could be a great solution for your family if you desire someone to come to your home and perform childcare and child related tasks (cooking, laundry, errands, activities) on a regular basis either part-time or full-time.

How can we help?

Finding childcare on your own from scratch is typically more challenging than you may expect.  Searching for and vetting potential nannies can be a time-consuming process. From figuring out what you're family's needs are, what type of person would be the best fit, and then finding someone who fits the bill; it's not a simple process. We take on the bulk of this work, presenting you with pre-screened candidates, saving you valuable time and effort. 

A nanny is not just an employee, but will be a trusted member of your family. We know that the best care for your child is your top priority, and we take placing the right nanny with your family very seriously.  

Expertise and Experience

We are experienced in matching families with compatible nannies. We have a deep understanding of what qualities to look for in a nanny, including skills, experience, and personality traits that would be a good fit for your family's needs and values.


Customized Matching

We take the time to get to know your family's specific requirements, preferences, and expectations. We use this information to find nannies who are a good match in terms of skills, schedules, and childcare philosophy.

Cultural and Language Match

If your family has specific cultural or language preferences, we can help match you with nannies who share those cultural or linguistic backgrounds, enhancing communication and understanding.

Screening and Vetting

We perform thorough background checks, reference checks, and interviews with potential nannies. This process helps ensure that the nannies we recommend are trustworthy, reliable, and qualified to provide high-quality childcare.

Expert Advice

We provide expert advice on legal and contractual matters related to hiring a nanny. This can include appropriate interview questions, a sample hiring contract, guidance on compensation, benefits, and any legal and tax requirements in your area.

Continued Support

We provide ongoing support even after your nanny has been placed if you have any questions or concerns. We can help mediate any issues that may arise between you and the nanny, and offer advice on managing the nanny-employer relationship.

Backup and Replacement

In case your selected nanny doesn't work out for any reason, we offer a replacement guarantee for 30 days.

Peace of Mind

Finding the right fit when it comes to childcare is one of the hardest tasks as a parent.  Knowing that you'll have experienced guidance from start to finish and that the nannies recommended have been thoroughly screened, will help ensure the journey is a seamless as possible and save you a ton of time and frustration.  

Part-time Nanny Placement (less than 30 hours) $1995

Full-Time Nanny Placement (40+ hours) $3995

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