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Acclimating to life with baby

A Postpartum and Infant Care Doula is a mother to the parents throughout the fourth trimester.  She is by your side day or night to help you smoothly transition into parenthood.  We help you care for baby and siblings, relieve you when you need some rest, provide assistance around the house, offer physical and emotional support, and so much more when you need it most.


  • Settling in

    • Figuring out a new routine, getting rest & sleep, and maintaining home

    • Acclimating children and pets to baby

  • Newborn & Infant Care 

    • Best practices, safety, sanitation, and protection

  • Feeding

    • Positioning, assistance with formula feeding and breastfeeding, bottle selection, and resources for lactation support

  • Sleeping

    • Positioning, swaddling, soothing, sleep training resources

  • Emotional Support & Socializing

    • Personal attention and one-on-one support to parents

    • Resources for support groups and local classes for parents and babies

  • Physical Comfort

    • Assistance and recommendations to help mom recover from pregnancy and childbirth

    • Self-care recommendations

  • Childcare

    • Care for the baby during the day and/or overnight

    • Sibling supervision

  • Product Guidance

    • Necessary and useful products for new parents & baby

    • Suggestions for products to help with feeding, drinking, teething, sleeping and more

  • Household Support

    • Organization pertaining to baby

    • Creating and helping maintain calendar/diary of events, appointments, and plans

    • Helping with light housekeeping, meal prep, and errands

    • Scheduling and attending visits with medical providers

  • Guidance

    • Direction with postpartum issues mom may experience - vaginal, breast, abdominal, c-section recovery, depression, etc.

    • Informational support, advocacy, and referrals

    • Partner/father support

    • Scheduling and attending visits with medical providers

    • Helping identify when medical intervention is needed

    • Discussing future plans such as childcare

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